4 Small Renovations that have a Big Impact

When you bought your home or built it, this may have been your dream house but living in it year after year can make you feel ‘bored’ with the space around you. When changing the color of the paint on your walls doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to think of something a little bigger. Renovating your home can seem like a huge project but not all renovation projects are equal. Here are four budget friendly small tweaks that can make a big impact on your home.
4 Small Renovations that have a Big Impact
4 Small Renovations that have a Big Impact

Replace the flooring

The floors are one of the most overlooked aspects of a home. If you have carpeted flooring replace parts of it that are worn out or change the entire carpet to give your room a new look. Alternatively, you could consider installing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have a universally appealing look that matches any decor style and instantly uplifts a room. If you have ceramic floors, you could float a new hardwood floor over them to add warmth to your space. Look here if you need a professional to help install the hardwood floors.

Trim the ceilings

Like the floors, ceilings are often neglected and left bare. Though you may not spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling directly, when it falls into your peripheral vision, it can influence how the entire space looks. The easiest way to add a little visual interest to your ceilings is by installing crown mouldings. To go one step further, add false beams or drop sections of the ceiling to create a coffered look. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even add a splash of color to your ceilings- after all, who said they have to be white?

Update Your Fixtures

A wise person once said that attention to detail is the difference between good and great. From door handles and drawer pulls to switchboards and lamp shades, there are so many small fixtures that we overlook at our homes. In most cases, fixtures are where people cut costs when building their home and so a renovation project is the ideal time to pay this aspect of your home a little attention. Though upgrading these may seem insignificant, it can instantly give your home a fresh look.

Change the Countertops

Installing a new countertop could be just what your kitchen and bathroom need to make them feel more inviting. If you’re looking for elegance think granite and marble but if you’re looking at making a statement lava countertops or resin countertops. For kitchen spaces you could also go modern with stainless steel counters or reclaimed wood countertops. When it comes to the kitchen, don’t limit yourself to the counter space; take a look at your backsplash as well. 

For a really low budget project, vinyl stickers could give you the change you need but if your budget allows it, you could consider replacing the backsplash completely with glass, metal, porcelain or even natural stones.

So don’t wait until you’ve saved up enough to take on the grand renovation project but start small and take on one space at a time. 

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