10 SEO Tips For The Bloggers 2017

SEO Tips For The Bloggers 2015
10 SEO Tips For The Bloggers 2017

10 SEO Tips For The Bloggers 2017

In Today’s SEO, survival of a blog/website depends upon how highly ranked it is. So getting high ranks in search engines is really not easy. You have to use proper keywords, link building and various other techniques which a blogger needs to be familiar with. So here are some tips for the bloggers.

1.Quality Backlinks

Backlinks really help you to improve the ranking of your blog and search results too. For each and every post, try to get the quality backlinks. For this, it is better to choose some blogs of your desired niche with PR 1, 2, 3 to generate quality Backlinks, otherwise you can generate them onto the blogs of PR 6 to get the maximum result.

2.Quality Inbound Links

You can’t ignore the significance of inbound links/ incoming links. This can also help to rank your blog in the search engines and earn the good income from the Adsense. If any post of your blog is ranked by a blog of PR 6, then your blog and posts’ ranking would also be high and in result you would get lots of organic traffic.

3.Shorter URLs are better

It is not possible that a blog with big URL would be structured well in the search engines. It is because the search engine crawlers find it difficult to rank big URLs, so they prefer the short URLs. So it's better to avoid long URLs.

4.Social Media

Social networks also play the huge role in today’s SEO. Google Hummingbird computes the social shares, likes etc. Google+ is a real-time platform, where you can get more boost from Google by sharing your posts.

5.Interlinking of the Posts

To get good search results, it is really important to interlink your new posts with the old ones. It increases the chance of getting better search results and also reduces the bounce rate of your blog. Relevant interlinks are much better than the irrelevant ones.
6.Guest Posts
Nowadays, guest posts are a great way to rank your blog by creating quality backlinks. Many blogs of relevant niche would definitely be offering the guest post facility. Select ones having PR 1 or 2, write a guest post and get a backlink to your blog within the post. As a result, you can get organic traffic greater chance to increase the ranking of your blog.

7.Keywords Placement

Put your keywords properly in your article. Do not use too many keywords in your article, it is better to use single keyword and use it one in a title, description and content in a proper way.

8.Forums Participation

Forums Participation would generate quality backlinks for your blog. Search for the forums that are relevant to your blog, become a member and participate in the discussions. After this, place the blog links with your discussion urging the people to visit.

9.Article Marketing

It also important to submit the articles to article directories where they can get maximum exposure, traffic and higher search engine results.

10.On Page SEO

It is also one of the important factors in SEO. You have to pay attention to on-page SEO and make sure that your every post has suitable on-page SEO done. When you check with the SEO tools, try to make it green marked, if it is yellow or red then something is missing.

Final Words:

So, These Are Some Tips That You Should Follow if you Want To Rank Your Blog High in the Search Engines. And the last thing which is really important is your Hard Work because SEO is all about research and you have to do a lot to get your blog rank high in the search engines.


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