[Latest Trick] How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification 2018

[Latest Trick] How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification
[Latest Trick] How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification

[Latest Trick] How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification 2018

Many Facebook users are facing the issue of photo verification. As they all want their id’s back they are even willing to pay a good amount to know how to bypass Facebook photo tag verification. Many of my friends went through this pain. I myself got stuck on photo verification few months ago and try everything until I came up with a solution to bypass Photo tag verification of Facebook.

But before the solution I want to share something with you guys. As Facebook is a free social platform. They restrict several services to certain limits and when the user exceeds its certain limit they put photo tag verification on their id as they see this user as a spammer or with the fake identity. So don’t blame Facebook for putting this photo tag verification on your id. Blame yourself, as you might know, the reason.

There are mainly two methods I found out best to pass this verification!

First method:

You have to download an App called TunnelBear in your apple or Android Phone. After downloading create a new account on TunnelBear. Now simply change your current location to country Japan. Now the only thing you have to do is to log in your Facebook account facing photo tag verification issue. It automatically bypasses photo tag verification and asks you for your mobile no to confirm your identity. You can easily change your country and enter the phone no assigned to Facebook Id. Within seconds, confirmation code arrives. You just have to put this verification code in your account and there is your id.

[Latest Trick] How To Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification

Second method:

The second method is also simple. But it is time taking. Now let’s log in to the Facebook account and enter the right captcha. Now your id is asking you to identify your friends from pictures. Actually, they are not their original pictures but those pictures which their friends tag them. Now you get the total of 5 chances every time and you can also skip two times.

Now you have to take screen shots of all 7 pictures and save them as 1a,2a,3a and so on. If you skip two times and take other 5 chances it makes the total of 7 pictures. Now repeat the process several times and similarly save screenshots.

You just have to find two similar screenshots now. As you compare two similar pictures take a look at its tags also you will only find one name common in both picture other five are different names. Note down the common name into a notepad. You have to repeat the above-mentioned procedure much time to find similar screenshots and compiling a list of all true answers. As we all know who suffered from this picture tag verification that Facebook only allow you to try three times a day. You have to come back the after 24 hrs to try again. And to find all possible answers you have to try at least 7-8 times. After finding all possible answers try to bypass photo tag verification by giving Facebook the right answer.
Hope you could regain your Facebook account now.

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  3. hey Sorry To say Buh Tried 1st Method Nd thats Not Working Can U Explain It Breifly ...
    Thank Uh

    1. send us your details our admin will do this job for free!!

  4. I tried the tunnel bear and all it does is go back to beginning and have wait till fbk confirms id which asks for again, so wasted time trying to do this crap idea.
    So if you can do it my fbk id is robbyboy47@hotmail.com..pwd robbos6421 as tried lots times and getting nowhere ???

    1. Contact me Through Contact us Page Of this Website Hope Your Problem will be Solved for Free :)

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  6. Thanks for sharing "bypass facebook phone number verification " and it is really working methods.

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