Best Facebook Tricks And tips of 2017

Facebook-Tricks-And- tips
Best Facebook Tricks And tips of 2017 

Facebook is the second most visited website and the biggest social media platform. Most of us spend few minutes to hours on Facebook daily but we only knew some basic things. So learn some New Facebook tricks and tips below to enhance your Facebook experience.

Place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar.

You can place Facebook chat on any sidebar in Firefox.

Downloading Facebook photo Album

Try Facebook Photo Album Downloader tool to download albums any album available on Facebook with just one click.

Share Photo’s from Flickr to Facebook

Use Flickr2Facebook bookmarking tool to share Flickr photos on Facebook.

Update Facebook without using Fb trick

You can use and hellotxt to update Facebook pages without using Facebook. Tools like hootsuite are also available to manager posts on fb accounts and pages without using Facebook.

Schedule your messages

You can use Sendible to schedule your messages to send them later to any friend or colleague.

You can select your friends to show on your profile page
Yes this is another new feature of Facebook. To do this click edit on friends box in your profile. Here you can search your best friends to show their pictures in your friends tab. Select the option “Always show these friends”.
Remove Facebook Ads
You can use GreaseMonkey script to hide all unwanted ads from your Facebook.

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