VPN for South Africa - The 5 Best Services 2016 in Review

What are the Best VPN for South Africa? 

VPN for South Africa - The 5 Best Services 2016 in Review

Although there are approximately 50 million people in South Africa, the mass media is partly censored and controlled by the state. These restrictions are not related to the Internet, except for several cases, but people are willing to use Virtual Private Network to secure themselves, and leave no chance to the state to interfere in their private lives.

That is why there are many companies, willing to provide the security of data in that area, but not all of them are trustworthy. We have five Best VPNs for South Africa below, which you can be confident at.

VPN Area 

This is a small company, established in Bulgaria. It has years of experience on the market and excellent customer support, which is extremely important as break down may happen unexpectedly and one may need urgent reply or help.

It offers shared IPs and a possibility to connect five devices. This company has a user-friendly interface, good speed, and it offers 7 days of free trial, which is a good deal.


This provider is a true giant in this business, so a lot of people have heard about it for sure. It has a great reputation for providing services of the highest quality. It gives high speed and great customer support, which is ready to answer all your questions. Unfortunately, the great company demands a lot of money, so that their services are a bit expensive. One more drawback is their location in the United States.



This company is based in Panama, so it is not influenced by the USA or EU in terms of censorship. Moreover, it has great servers with secure encryption, so that they are the right choice if you are preoccupied with your security in the first place. Still, such system of encryption makes a speed to be inconsistent from time to time.


This provider can boast about 15 years of experience in this sphere, perfect knowledge of the system and has great speed to offer. Moreover, their experience is the proof of their professionalism in terms of security issues. It has a wide range of servers round the globe so that you can choose the most suitable for you and pay for it in one of many convenient ways.


It is a famous name on the market of VPN services, although they are based in the UK, which is their major drawback, as this country has a lot of restrictions and monitors the Internet. Still, they offer great speed and 30 days money back guaranty so that you can definitely try them. 

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