i-Boating : Route Editing Tutorial

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i-Boating, one of the most downloaded  marine navigation app  and a popular destination website for fishing maps,  includes advanced features found in high end plotters. In this tutorial I discuss how to use it for route editing

i-Boating : Route Editing Tutorial
i-Boating : Route Editing Tutorial

Creating routes manually

      Tap on menu/overflow button  (on lower right for iPhone,  Its top right on Android) and select "New Route"
      This would show show route editing controls at the top. The route editing control is initially in pan mode.
      Tapping on the center button(it looks like ad  directed route) would switch it to route creation mode.
      Tap on "New Point" to drop a routepoint that you would follow in succession. (Some people like to call it as way point). If you want to create a point that is not exactly on route but a navigation aid, use "DropMarker/Pin" (second button from left).
      When you are done creating the route, tap on "Save Button" to save route

Export Routes

You can export any routes as compressed GPX files.
      Tap on Route Manager in the action bar.
      For Recorded Tracks tap on your Recorded Tracks -> Days -> Select specific tracks.
      Tap menu/overflow button on top right and select "Share".

Import GPX Files

      To import compressed GPX files, just tap on the email  attachment and select open in "i-Boating".
      To import from SDCard tap on Route Manager -> Import GPX....

Edit/Move Existing Route Point

Tap on the point you wish to move/edit. This will show a context menu with following options:
      Add point prior
Add point after

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