How Use Google Maps to Find Areas of Interest on your iPhone or iPad

Google Maps takes the lead in helping people find where they need to go, but Apple increased its Maps popularity when it made improvements with the release of iOS 9. How is Google stacking up against the competition now?

Google Maps has made some improvements to its iPhone/iPad app including a cleaner user interface and more areas of interest. Street outlines are gone to give it a cleaner look, and the typography of points of interest and street names are improved.

Google Maps to Find Areas of Interest on your iPhone or iPad

There’s also a new feature called “areas of interest” that help you explore the area around you. 

#How Use Google Maps to Find Areas of Interest on your iPhone or iPad

“Whether you’re looking for a hotel in a hot spot or just trying to determine which way to go after exiting the subway in a new place, “areas of interest” will help you find what you’re looking for with just a couple swipes and a zoom,” Google stated in its blog.

Want to take Google Maps and its areas of interest for a spin? Let’s drive.

Find Areas of Interest

If you’re the driver, make sure to give your co-pilot the iPhone or iPad because, of course, you don’t want to be messing around on the iPhone while you’re driving. Got it in the hands of the navigator? Here we go.

Launch Google Maps on your iOS device and look around on your map. You will see orange-shaded areas that, if you zoom in on them, will show you more details about each place. Tap on the venue for more information. You will see the name of the place and how long it will take to arrive there from your current destination. Pull up the menu to see detailed information about the venue.

So here’s some possibilities as far as using this feature. Need an ATM? What about a restaurant to eat at, or are you looking for a movie theater? To quickly search for places around you, tap your search bar and choose a type of place like grocery store or restaurant.

Even better, think about if you’re in a new town staying at that hotel in a hot spot that Google talked about in its blog. You want to get something to eat but don’t know what’s around. Simply log into Google Maps and explore the area.

If you are navigating to a specific place, you can search for other venues along your route. Maybe you’ll find someplace interesting on the way where you’ll want to take a detour and check it out.

#How Use Google Maps to Find Areas of Interest on your iPhone or iPad

You can scroll through categories by swiping left or right and find things to do by scrolling up and down on your iPhone or iPad.
Do you want to explore another area near you? Tap Explore Around You, pan and zoom the map to another area and tap Explore Here.

Now Google Maps, which already gives you business information, ratings and reviews, gives you a little more. Is it still the king? Or do you plan to stay local to Apple and use the iPhone’s Map feature?

You’re the driver. Have a safe and joyful trip as you explore your community and more. 

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