How to Find Which Types Of Headphones Suits You Best?

It’s pretty much confusing to select a durable headphone from the market without trying all of them. And obviously not everyone has same suitability so, basically, other's recommendations are of total waste.

Am I saying you to use all the available types in the market to find the best for you?
Certainly, not. All I am saying is to just consider the basic things and at least buy two types that pass your set of requirements.

Now, select one and eliminate the other. It’s simple!
Now have a look at the headphone types available and their features.

How to Find Which Types Of Headphones Suits You Best?
How to Find Which Types Of Headphones Suits You Best?

Earbuds Headphones:
After the introduction of earbuds headphones, the usage becomes viral because of their awesome portability feature and pocket-friendly nature.
But these earbuds headphones collection has downsides which let many brands like Philips, Sony, Sennheiser to stop introducing new models.
If you are looking for a headphone that will give you soothing sound quality and equally block outside noise then probably you have to look further as these headphones are incapable of doing that.
Though process loud noise but has a hurtful design which fits poorly

On-ear headphones:
These headphones are safe for your ears as they cover the entire ear. These can be used both indoor and outdoor, though the quality of blocking noise is not up to the mark.
These headphones really fit in if used for communication as they give lesser strain to both your eyes and neck, so naturally can be used for longer period.

Over-the-ear Headphones:

Though these headphones are very large in size but provide excellent sound isolation quality hence suitable for using both indoor and outdoor.
But considering weight and the stress it can give you to your necks better not to use outside for a longer period.
These headphones come in two categories.
a)    Closed back. b) Open back.

In-ear Headphones:
In-ear headphones are available with smartphones mostly. Isolation comes free with these headphones.
Often wonder to sit by the window side of the car and listen to your favorite songs without any disturbance?
Then you should buy handy a pair of these In-ear Headphones. Some of the best earbuds under 30 dollars you can check here.
Soothing noise volume of these headphones gives you the perfect experience of enjoying music.
But the bad news is prolonged usage of these headphones may cause excessive ear-wax and also irritation.

In-ear-canal headphones:
Clearly, they sit really deep into your ear canals and provide great outside noise isolation yet unhealthy if used for a longer period.
It fits you properly, so if you are searching for a headphone while doing exercise or taking your dance lessons then look no further.

Wireless Headphones:
Ahh! These are my personal favorites. Some of the pros are they let you walk freely, run smoothly or probably I should say they let you do anything effortlessly. You can check some of the best wireless headphones here.
These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages though they run on batteries, so remember to carry some extra batteries with you every time.

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