Best Carpet Cleaner At Home [FREE GUIDE]

Despite the huge variety of different floor coverings, which are known to date, traditional carpet will never go out of style. It does not matter, if it is expensive Turkish carpet made of wool or an old common rug in the hallway - the calling of any carpet is to keep cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

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Best Carpet Cleaner At Home [FREE GUIDE]
In order the carpet remained beautiful and carried out all its functions as long as possible, it must be thoroughly taken care of. Proper care and timely cleaning is a guarantee that the carpet will serve you for many years and still save its original appearance.
How to take care for the carpet so that it pleased its owner as long as possible and kept the brightness of colors and splendor of its volume? There are some simple rules for the care of home carpets:

  • After the wet cleaning it is undesirable to lay the carpet on the wet floor.
  • Periodically, it is necessary to rotate the carpet, changing its location so that it has been possible to prevent the occurrence of scuffs in places where the carpet has very high mechanical loads.
  • If there is a heavy furniture on the carpet, then put a soft rubber pieces or a common stationery eraser under its legs.
  • In the case of scuffs on the carpet body, they can be sewn with threads of the same color as the carpet.
  • In order to take out grease and dirt from the carpet, it is just needed to be sprinkled with salt or baking soda and vacuum cleaned.
  • The vinegar solution will help to update the original carpet color: use 1 teaspoon of vinegar per for 1 liter of water. Soak a brush in this solution and clean the carpet in the pile direction.
  • Finally, the last important rule: home the carpet must be cleaned regularly, and not just with a vacuum cleaner. In summer it is desirable to "give an airing" to the carpet: bring it outdoors and thoroughly beat out all the dust. In winter you can clean the carpet with fresh snow. There are many other ways to clean your carpet.

To remove resistant contamination or stains from the surface of the carpet, use cleaning powder means. The stores offer a large selection of such agents, and the whole cleaning procedure is usually described in detail in the instructions for the particular agent.

Procedure of the carpet cleaning with powder is very simple and fast. Cleaning powder is necessary to be scattered evenly over the surface of the carpet and rub thoroughly into the surface. Granules of the powder immediately begin to absorb dirt from the fibers. After some time, the powder is necessary to be removed from the carpet using a common vacuum cleaner.


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