10kStartup Program for affordable and fast Startup Development


 10kStartup is a new concept of rapid Startup development led by a team of second time founders based in London / Lisbon. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs building their Product and Software (UX+UI+DEV) in an intensive month for just 10K USD.

How does this matter to Startup Founders? Simple, to get one's first metrics, instead of going far and wide looking for co-founders such as the CTO or the whole team of developers or, thirdly, hire an expensive agency, (read more about the tough choices of deciding between these HERE.

Now one can simply go for 10kStartup which provides all the Product Management and Development for a founder for a limited budget and done in a limited short period, with continued support after launch and using some of the hottest frameworks out there: Node.js and Angular 2. To find out more have a look at 10kstartup.com 

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