1. Python For Hackers - Introduction

 Python For Hackers

Hello geeks ,

So we are going to start a new series of tutorials in which we will be learning how to make tools using python language . Most expert hackers use tools that are programmed by themselves . If you are using opensource tools then you might be considered as script kiddie .

This is the an introduction to the course. In this article we are going to take a look at what is ahead in the course , who is the course creator and other information.

Requirements :

In order to start learning the course , there are certain requirements that should be fulfilled .

1. Basic Programming Knowledge : You should have some basic knowledge of programming . We will try to give as much knowledge as possible but a bit of programming knowledge will make the course more simple .

2. Basic Ethical Hacking Knowledge : Basics of ethical hacking should be completed . This course is not for newbies who are into hacking for the first time . You should know basics key-terms like backdoor , malware , etc .

Target Audience :

This course is designed for

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Python Experts
  • Programmers
  • Computer Geeks

Whats inside :

Lab Setup : In this section we are going to setup our lab to practice everything.

Basics : This course is designed for complete noob programmers . So i will try to explain every part of the code in detail.

Bonus Section : There are some bonus tutorials that are yet to be posted / recorded / uploaded so those will be uploaded soon . In order to get updates , you need to come to this blog / Youtube channel again and again.

Project Files : I have uploaded all the project files on my github profile. All the source codes will be uploaded with the articles so you can download them and practice them .

Ending :)

So that's it for this article , You can click here ( Will be updated ) to check the next part of the course .

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