How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

In the business of creativity, be it the fields of web designing, application designing or logo designing, at some point or the other in their careers the graphics designers face the need to convert their images, PDF and various other formats of documents to the required format as various platforms require numerous image formats that fit well with them.

But it is not desirable to have a separate software for each and every format that is encountered. As a designer one always goes for a software that can cater to all their needs and consumes least of their resources.

PDF to JPG Converters one such software for all your file conversion needs as a creative specialist. The software is available at and at the company' website

PDF to JPG Converter:

How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

Some of its features are:

  • Many file formats supported: Providing accurate layout and formatting, this software is not limited to just one format, but various other formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF etc.
  • Fast Conversion: Consumes minimal resources of storage, processor, etc. and provides fast output.

  • Resolution Selection: Supports DPI (Dot per Inch) conversion to provide an excellent resolution, whereas a large number of conversion software lets the quality of the output image go for a toss.
  • Color choice: The software supports conversion from color PDF to color JPG as well as from color PDF to black and white JPG and black and white PDF to black and white JPG as per the need.
  • Password Support: It supports the conversion of password protected PDF while retaining the privacy by asking for the password while converting the files.
  • Batch Conversion: Facilitates the conversion of more than one file together as a batch to save the time and effort of the user.
  • Select Output Path: The user can customize the way and the locations at which the images will be stored if he/she has a different choice from the default location the software creates.
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

As a developer above stated are just a few of the primary features required. The primary problem that developers face is having to spend too much money on different software for different requirements. This product completely eradicates that issue in one go. Therefore, this product is an excellent solution for those who have just started out as developers as well as the professionals.

It is very important for a developer to be able to customize and manage the work which is facilitated by software by providing customized output management.

No developer would be happy to be a victim of theft and plagiarism. With the PDF to JPG Converter work is completely secure with the developer. Nowadays theft is the most frequent problem with cloud/online converters which have come up in the market as the clouds being used by those services providers are vulnerable to attack and privacy and security may be compromised very easily.

How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE
How to Convert PDF to JPG File Format in 2017 FREE

There is no need for internet connectivity while using the software and the work is available to the developer 24X7 without the need to have to wait for internet connectivity. Where slow internet speed could delay the work while uploading or processing the work this solution is typically designed to provide a painless and lightning fast work efficiency.

The PDF to JPG Converter by Soft Solutions is undoubtedly the unrivaled and perfect solution for a high quality, unmatched output with a whole package of features that makes it extremely simple to use with high efficiency and low resource requirement.

A video tutorial is available at

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