Download Top Four Free WiFi Hacker Tools 2018

Hacking a WiFi is the best way to enjoy free Internet as much as you want, without any interruptions or worry that you will cross the data limit and will have to pay again for the subscription. However‚ if you have to purchase any tool or apps for WiFi hacking‚ that doesn't sound much fun.

How about if you can get Free WiFi Hacker tools without paying a single dime. Now who doesn't love free stuff? Here is a list of Top Four Free WiFi Hacker Tools 2018 that work and are totally free to use.

 WiFi Hacker Tools 2017


This is a very popular tool for WEP decryption. The interface of this tool is very easy and simple, and it is free to use. This tool hasn't been updated in a while‚ but does the job of hacking WiFi networks very well. This tool hacks a network by monitoring the WiFi's transmission, and once it has enough packets for decryption, it hacks the network. This tool is Windows and Linux operated.


This is another great tool for finding the password for a wireless network and analyzing the network. This tool is used for capturing and analyzing network traffic, and it operates on Windows only. The tool works well with most of the interface card available‚ but to use this tool you need to have proper knowledge of protocols. This tool uses plugins and more than 40 plugins are already available to customize this tool. It is also used for troubleshooting the network.

Download Top Four Free WiFi Hacker Tools 2018


This is one of the most used and free tool developed for the Windows to hack wifi
network. A mini version of this tool is also available for the mobile phone that is Mini
Stumbler. This tool is mainly used to find locations with poor network‚ war driving‚
verifying a network and detecting unauthorized networks etc. This tool also has a flaw‚ that it can be easily detected by the detecting systems because it uses the network actively to find information. Another disadvantage of this tool is that since it was last updated 11 years ago‚ so it doesn't come up with the latest windows.


This tool finds the password for any network which uses an rfmon card. This tool operates on Linux‚ Windows‚ OSX and BSD devices. Client modular architecture constructs it, and it collects data to find hidden networks and identify WiFi networks.

These were the Top Four Free WiFi Hacker Tools 2018

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