Convert PDF to JPG for Easier File Sharing 2017

I am sure that almost everyone must be having some or the other kind of problems with his boss. Even I am the same, always facing some or the other kind of problems with my boss. He was on leave today, so I thought that life would be easy for me, for just today at least. But no, it came out that only he was on leave, he could still call me and demand whatever he could, just the same as he does by sitting on his chair.

Convert PDF to JPGfor Easier File Sharing
Convert PDF to JPGfor Easier File Sharing

So today, he wanted me to prepare a presentation on some topic (which of course you people won’t be interested in). He also gave me various images which I was supposed to incorporate into the presentation. Sounds pretty easy, right? I mean he himself gave me the topic of the presentation, along with the images. Even I thought that the work given to me was very easy. But obviously, a boss never makes work easy for anyone.  He always messes it by one way or the other. The images that he sent me were in a PDF format. That’s right. First of all, I was supposed to Convert PDF to JPG format by using a software and then use them in my presentation.
PDF to JPG Converter:
[GUI of the Software.jpg]
For all that to happen, first of all I had to search of a software that would convert a PDF file into a JPG file format, download that software and then start the conversion process. This all was supposed to take a lot of time. I told all this to my colleague, and he suggested a software, that can do all these work, and that too, in a surprisingly small amount of time. It is a software, developed by the most popular Soft Solutions team. Even this time, they developed this amazing software, which is supported by almost all types of operating systems. The link to get that software is given bellow: and
[Input Image Preview.jpg]
Because of this software, my life has become quite easier in the office, as time and again such a conversion is required. Sometimes the conversion is from PDF to JPG, while some other time, it requires conversion varying from PDF to PNG, BMP, TIF, and GIF file formats. By the help of this software alone, all these conversions can take place. It does not even require an internet connection for the conversion of PDF files. You just need to download the software, and the work is done. The steps are so easy to follow, that it makes this process even easier.
[Select Output Format.jpg]
Still, to make things more clear, a video tutorial has also been created to aid the user, in case of any issues developed during the conversion process. The link of the video tutorial can be found by clicking on the following URL:

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