Key features - Battery Timer 2017 :- Battery time Remaining & Battery Charge Full Alarms

An innovative app – “Battery Timer 2017” launched recently to help Android users about time remaining with their current level of usage. Hence helps them to conserve their battery power. This tell exactly the time to full charge in charging mode. It has a attery full alarm to let you know about full charging of you battery


Battery burnout - A nightmare for mobile users
Most of us are not aware how much time we are left with while playing games or watching movies in mobile.This leads to unexpected shutdown. Sometimes, it causes embarrassment, when such incidents happen in the middle of a conversation. It adds more to the embarrassment, especially when the conversation is an official one.
In addition, it happens that while travelling, mobile users become unsure that whether their battery will last until they reach their destination or not. If it completely burns out, they have to evaluate any available option at hand to contact their loved ones in case of any emergency.
Android users remain in uncertainty about whether to continue playing a game or watching a movie as such activities for some hours drain the battery quickly in comparison to engaging in other activities on any mobile device.

Know Time remaining to full charge or discharge

The best solution to this issue is to calculate, how much time your have with your current level of activities. If you think, you don't have enough time till you make it, you may reduce your current activities and extend battery life.
Battery timer 2017 aims to provide a genuine solution to this problem. It helps to extends the battery life by letting users know about their current discharge rate. Users can now easily close the apps that drain their battery power more rapidly than others to maximize the use of battery power.
Another head ache is to open the app to see the details. but Battery timer 2017 will provide all information on your lock screen. so a quick glance at your screen will enable you be more efficient and diligent
It is not advisable to keep your battery in charging mode if it reaches 100%. A warning bell is given to notify if the battery levels has reached critically high or low.Two simple graphical representation has been given about the battery usage and battery burn rate for whole day. This helps me to get an idea of how is my usage every day
Key features

  • Easy to understand notifications on the lock screen for quick access
  • battery charge full time - Time required to complete charging while in a charging mode
  • Battery time remaining - Time remaining to complete drainage of battery while in use
  • battery discharge - Calculation based on the current usage of a mobile device
  • 3 Unique colour-coding for the indication of different battery levels
  • battery charger alarm - Generate a warning tone in case of extremely low battery
  • Battery graph - Graphical detailing about the battery level across a single day
  • Battery graph - Graphical detailing about charging/discharging rate across a single-day
  • Give random wisdom messages to kill boredom
  • Over a dozen of exciting app themes for easy customisation
  • Quick recommendations of the app via easy share on popular social media platforms
  • battery charge full alarms. Battery shutdown alarm
  • Advertisement free. This app don't want to irritate you


Future plans :  CTO Hitha Paul P commented, “We are committed to help users to conserve the battery power of mobile devices by our innovative apps by empowering them to make decisions.  we will offer more customer-centric apps that can prove useful to solve everyday problems. We have a plan to enhance this app by adding several more features so that the app users can configure to extend their battery life. Currently we are awaiting user feedback to incorporate them in next version”

Battery-Timer 2017

Battery-Timer 2017

Battery-Timer 2017

Battery-Timer 2017

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