Learn Three Methods for Biohacking Your Body to Increase Motivation

Motivation is one of the most important factors in completing a task. Without it, we don’t have the drive or energy to research, understand and complete our goals. Motivation is so important that often people will turn to nootropics for increase concentration and drive to complete intellectual feats, while others turn to fitness products to increase their focus, energy and motivation before a workout or exercise.While these products are useful, there is also another way you can enhance your motivation and this is where biohacking comes into play. Today, we're going to share some interesting information about biohacking and also detail some of the best ways to utilise biohacking to effectively increase your motivation.
Learn Three Methods for Biohacking Your Body to Increase Motivation
Learn Three Methods for Biohacking Your Body to Increase Motivation

What is Biohacking Your Body, Anyway?

Biohacking is all about paying close attention to what you put into your body and how it affects your health, well-being and state of mind. It's about tracking exercise and diet in order to create a healthier body and a more alert and stable mind. Biohacking the body is a thoroughly modern approach to creating more mental energy and more drive to complete tasks. It can be as simple as getting in more day light at the right time or eating the right foods, and as complex as limiting certain types of light from being seen before an event or activity. Biohacking can be quite a personalized experience where some techniques may work better for some, while they may have no effect (or a limiting effect) in others.
Now, let's share three ways to biohack the body in order to access better motivation on a daily basis.

1.) Add More Butter to Your Diet

Butter and coconut oil have been seen to boost brain power and help to improve mental focus. They give the brain the fuel that is needed in order to function at its best. Some people add butter to their coffee or find other ways to incorporate it and coconut oil into their diets. Both butter and coconut oil should be of the pure variety. This means that they both should be organic and the butter should be derived from grass-fed cows.

2.) Improve Your Sleep Habits


Life is so fast-paced these days and a lot of people don't get the deep and healing rest that they need. This is why it's important to consider the value of sleep as a potent biohack. Experts encourage biohackers to stay away from caffeine after 2 p.m. and to read before bed, rather than watching television or using computers or mobile devices.
Shoot for eight hours of sleep each night. Essentially, sleep is one of the most powerful biohacks around and it works wonders in terms of refreshing the mind, body and spirit. Without enough sleep, motivation, energy and focus can impaired to the point where simply errors maybe made and tasks aren’t done correctly.

3.) Embrace a Paleo-style Diet


The Paleo or "caveman" diet is a biohack for increased motivation. Adding good fats to your diet via lean proteins, and avoiding processed foods, as well as white sugar and booze, will help you to access superb brain function which helps with focus and motivation. You'll find plenty of Paleo recipes online, so be sure to check them out today. 

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