Download Best WiFi Network Hacker Tools 2018

Network hacking was never as easy as it is now. One had to be a hacking expert and would have to learn hacking courses to be able to hack anything. Nowadays with the release of hacking apps and Hacking tools‚ hacking everything has become very easy. With the release of WiFi hacking apps‚ even a child can hack a WiFi now. However‚ most of the time the hacking apps and tools are either just prank ones‚ or don't work as well as they claim. So‚ if you don't want to waste your time on useless hacking tools anymore‚ and want to know the Best WiFi Network Hacker in 2018. 

Download Best WiFi Network Hacker Tools 2016
Download Best WiFi Network Hacker Tools 2016

Here is a list of Best WiFi Network Hacker tools for Laptop/PC that work perfectly‚ not time wasting tools at all and are trusted network hacking tools for their users.

Download Best WiFi Network Hacker Tools 2018


This is a great tool which was awarded as Best Open-source Software in Networking. When it was released, it was totally free of cost‚ but now because of its popularity, it has become premium, and you have to pay 20$ to get this tool. It is a wi-fi scanner and works great on Windows and OSX operating systems. This tool does multiple tasks including‚ finding WiFi access points that are open‚ saving the locks using GPS records and tracking signal strength of the router. It is not a free tool‚ but it is best at what it does and with little, to no effort, you can easily hack password for a wireless network.

CoW PAtty

This tool uses the dictionary to find the password for a network and works on Linux OS. This tool's interface is command line which runs on a world list containing the password for hacking a router. This tool is very easy and simple to use‚ but it is a little slow‚ because it uses SHA1 with the seed of SSID. This means that different SSIM belongs to the same password. 
So‚ this tool uses password dictionary that generates each word in the dictionary using SSID. This tool has a newer version to improve its speed. That latest version uses pre-computed files which contain 172000 dictionary file for 1000 different SSID. If your SSID isn't in the list‚ then this tool will not work for you.

WEP Attack

This tool is perfect for hacking passwords for unknown networks on Linux devices. This tool uses the dictionary to find the password for a wifi network using millions of word combinations. All that is required to work this tool is an active WLAN card, and you will be able to hack any WiFi.

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