How To Use WhatsApp in Google Chrome Browser [2018 Updates]

How To Use WhatsApp in Google Chrome Browser
How To Use WhatsApp in Google Chrome Browser

How To Use WhatsApp in Google Chrome Browser

Using WhatsApp on PC is not new to anyone now. As we all know about free emulators like GenyMotion and Android – Andy OS. These emulators help us to run android apps on windows PC. So in recent years we all download emulators to run WhatsApp also on our PC. But this thing is old and boring now. As mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook overtook WhatsApp also. He is continuously adding more features to most popular free messaging app WhatsApp. Just like adding call feature he introduces yet another cool feature call Web WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is collaborating with Google chrome now and available as web client for Google chrome users. The only misfortune is that you can’t use it in any other browser. Now we come to the answer of the main question how to use whatsapp in Google chrome. 

Here are few things you need to setup WhatsApp in Chrome Browser.

  • Updated WhatsApp installed in your phone.
  • Browser Google chrome in your personal computer.
  • Availability of internet on mobile and pc at the same time.
    Hope all these things mentioned above are ready now.

    Step1. Copy and paste or right click and open this link in your chrome browser.

    Step2. Don’t worry it’s just a QR code in front of you. No need to panic and to wonder what to do next now. Now as mentioned earlier if your WhatsApp is upgraded them you can simply unlock your phone, open WhatsApp, Go to the menu of WhatsApp. Now there is an option of WhatsApp web. Other Guidelines are also written in front of you now. You just had to set the alignment and scan the QR code which is on the screen of your PC as shown on your phone.

    Step3. As soon as you smart phone scans the QR smartly. You Whatsapp Web client and Your Phone are paired up now. If you did everything right and you are now paired up then you can see your messages in your chrome browser window.

    Remember if your phone is not connected to the internet then you are not going to receive any messages on Same common sense works the other way round: -P.

    Now some advanced tips as a gift from Tech Tricks SEO I will share two more ways to comfortably enjoy your WhatsApp experience on your PC. 

    Creating a desktop shortcut for web WhatsApp on your PC:
    Creating a shortcut is easy for anyone who use chrome for some time. But I share it as I might think it worth sharing for newbie’s. If you want to create a shortcut to desktop or start menu then simply go to top right corner as her you see three horizontal lines under a cross tab. Click on these lines> hover over to more tools > hover over to create application shortcuts. Select your choice as browser asks you to create a shortcut in start menu or desktop.

    Pin it to see new notifications of messages:
    This happened so often with me. I forget my Facebook and WhatsApp messages so I pin them to get notifications. This works for me as a pop-up reminds you something is there. If you want to pin your web WhatsApp tab. Simply right click that tab and simply select pin tab. Now it is pinned in the extreme left corner of the browser and bubble pop up if any message arrived.

    I hope you must enjoy your new whatsapp experience. Thank you for reading my post :) 

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