Best Hair Clippers for Men - is the oneblade considered a Hair Clipper or Beard Trimmmer

Today’s men are as manly as they can ever be. But the only catch is today’s men are also as vain as and concerned about their hygiene as their super hot girlfriends. It started with perfumes, lotions, creams, moisturizers, and whatnot. And now, if you think that you’ve seen the last of women items turned macho, think again, because would you believe, there are body hair shavers for men too, like this Philips Oneblade review shows us . One would think that the most mundane already happened—girl stuff moving into testosterone territory. But when you really think about it, there’s really nothing wrong with guys owning a hair clipper, right? If you must know, hair clippers have been in existence for the longest time, particularly, in barber shops all over America. If you’re man wants the “number 2” haircut, a hair clipper will definitely be used. But since most men want to do things by themselves, why not create hair clippers for their own personal use, right? Besides, why pay for a haircut you can do at home as long as you have the perfect hair clipper? So what exactly do hair clippers for men do? Hair clippers are used by men to trim down their hair or even shave off their heads. While there are actually beard trimmers, a hair clipper does the job way better. So if you plan on getting one for yourself, you might as well try to purchase electric hair clippers which are not only smaller but also more efficient. If you really think about it, buying a hair clipper will actually cost you less than a regular trip to the barber shop where it will set you back 24 dollars. Of course, a hair clipper is not exclusively for the head as you can also use it to trim, cut, and shave hair on your neck too—hairy men even use it on their chests and backs. Then there are also the corded hair clippers which are what most barber shops used. With today’s breed of men more exposed to the world of vanity and fashion, it’s not surprising that hair clippers for men do not sound as silly as it would be should it existed some decades ago. For the ladies, don’t freak out if your man is going nuts about which hair clipper to buy. It’s not a sign of vanity overload. It only goes to show that they’re picky.
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